About Natural Light

Mountain Cathedrals - Words & Music by Bob Bennett
(c) 1982 Straightway Music (ASCAP)

I've sung in mountain cathedrals,  With steeples rising high
And altars made of evergreen  And windows made of sky
I've dreamed of stars in the heavens And starfish in the sea
And wondered how the heart of God could care so much for me

I've never been a strong man At least outside the skin
And i'm eager and afraid at the same time
To move from where I've been.

My Mountain Cathedrals- Natural Light

I just love that song. Perhaps, it best embodies what Natural Light Image Photography is all about. We have a God who loves us and gives us all these great things in the world around us... Mountains, Beaches, Sunsets, Waterfalls and Countrysides that offer inspiring beauty is often first place we feel the hand of God. He is the "Light of the World" and since images merely capture light (once on film, now on digital sensors), My hope is to reflect that Beauty, Wonder and Awe in what I see all around me. After All - Life is the art given to us by a loving God.

My Story: Faith, Family, Friends

I began my photography journey in high school where, along with my best friend, I began taking, developing and printing photos. We spent many days backpacking through the Sierra Nevada mountains and surfing in the Pacific Ocean, both of which gave me a sense of awe and wonder. The sight of mountain blue skies and clouds dancing across them bring me joy to this day. I see the beauty that God has given us in His creation (Romans 1:20). My first experience seeing God at work probably came from those days. It was also in high school through Young Life, where I first learned how much God loved me.

I spent most of my adult life as a basketball coach and educator. The relationships developed in that arena have shaped my professional life. They have taught me that the people around me matter. This was where I learned to plan, prepare and work hard to succeed. Each summer for 35 years, until it ended, I lived and worked with the greatest coaches the game has at Herb Livsey's Snow Valley Basketball School. That's where most of my professional friendships came from. It is also where I learned to focus on the details in the work that I do.

My photography gained more perspective as my family began to travel. The wanderlust we have, gives me a view of even more of God's great earth and the people in it. This is where my photography became more serious, as my wife encouraged me to take classes at Palomar College, where I learned from gifted instructors who showed me that it was "all about the Light".  Again at the urging of my wife, I entered photos in the San Diego County Fair, where on two occasions, I took Best of Show Award for my work.

Then as my church began to expand and needed art for the walls in its new building, I was "commissioned" to provide 10-12 large photographs for them. The appreciation I have received, for my work and for me, through this project clearly show me the Love God has for us and how I can express my gratitude for that through my photos. I hope they bring joy to you.

So begins the next part of my photographic journey...
Natural Light Image, Photography by Steve Middleton

Next Steps...

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